I check emails sometimes.

Sometimes I even respond to them. I'm gonna be honest here though, like 90%-98% of the messages I get on this site are spammy garbage telling me about how they're gonna get me into google's search results. I'm damn near the only "Cravatta" on the internet. If people are looking for me they're gonna find me, just saying.


What's your favorite place you've been?

Get asked this all the time and the honest answer changes all the time. Its usually either the last places I was or the next place I'm heading but really I have a deep love and affinity for so many places its impossible to pick one.

Where are you based?

I, technically, live in the USA. Illinois specifically. However, between all of this fun stuff, the park ranger gig, and my regular job (which I also travel for) I am seldom "home". That may be why I make "home" wherever I am.

Can I buy prints/canvases/etc of your work?

Please do. That's why I made this website. I'm hoping to subsidize some of the travel in hopes of writing a book or two about some of my more memorable adventures.

What is your real job?

I work seasonally. Sometimes, in the summers, I work as a ranger for the National Park Service. Most of the time in the spring and fall I travel around working a super fancy job in nuclear power plants as a "contract 3.1 ANSI Qualified Radiation Protection Technician" which is a technical way of saying I check for radiation and contamination.

Do you carry a gun/aren't you scared?

These are really the same question and its one of the ones I get asked the most in person and, by far, the most annoying. The short answer is, no I'm usually not scared but sometimes yes because I'm around a lot of wild animals and they're freaking wild so they're not always predictable. I, personally, have never carried a gun around bears and don't intend to but I have been in areas with professional guides that were, in fact, armed.

Can I buy a print of a photo I didn't see in the store?

Absolutely! Just let me know what photo it is and I will add it to the store as soon as possible for you to be able to make a purchase.

Why isn't your calendar in your store?

I use a variety of web software that manages my store didn't have a calendar option so I had to set that up through a different vendor.