Hi, my name is Cory J. Cravatta.

I'm an avid traveler, an artist, a writer, and a nature photographer.

I am a lover of wild spaces and the heartbeats, big and small, that inhabit them. I am a devoted advocate for the protection of ecosystems, habitats, lands, and wildlife that are threatened by mankind, our past acts, and our continuing behaviors.


I have a particular affinity for bears.

Image of Cory J. Cravatta backpacking in Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

I would love to see people start to love and care for wild spaces not as backdrops for their Instagram feeds but as places to reinvigorate the soul. To connect with nature is to connect with a part of ourselves that is melting away just as fast as the ice caps and I believe we're going to need to reconnect with that part of our spirit to have any hope of salvaging this rock we're all floating around on.